How do I use the Bluefire Reader app to read galleys?

Thanks to the free Bluefire Reader app, NetGalley members can now read protected, Adobe DRM-protected files in EPUB or PDF format on their iOS device (iPad, iTouch, iPhone, etc)!

 Here's how the Bluefire Reader app works:

1. First, download the Bluefire Reader app from the Apple App Store (it’s free!) onto your iPhone/iPad device.

2. Open the Bluefire Reader app and follow the prompts to authorize it using the same Adobe username and password.* (You will only have to do this once.)

*Don’t remember your Adobe username? ON YOUR COMPUTER, open Adobe Digital Editions, go to Help, and then choose “Authorization Information.” The popup screen will tell you what username is authorized for that computer. Your Adobe username and password from your computer MUST match what you put in the app.

3. Now, using your iPhone/iPad’s Safari browser, sign into your NetGalley account.

  • Go to the title you want to read, and then press the Download button.
  • Press OK on the pop-up.
  • This should open a new browser window/tab for the page which shows “URLLink.acsm” and a button to OPEN IN "BLUEFIRE READER".

4. Once you press the OPEN IN "BLUEFIRE READER" button, the app will open and will download the title.

You should see a “download successful” notification.

5. Then if you press the READ NOW button, the file opens and you can begin to read.

From the Library View in the Bluefire Reader app when you press on a title, it will look like this:

Or, if you click Info, then you’ll see more information about the title, including how long you have left to read that particular download of that title, under “Permissions Set by the Publisher.”

If the title has already expired, when you try to open it in the Bluefire Reader app you’ll get this:

Some ways you can customize the look and feel of the Bluefire Reader app:

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