What can I find in my Not Active section?

Not Active will show a historical snapshot of titles titles you’re waiting on, titles that were archived but not downloaded, and titles you’ve been declined to view.

Here’s a quick explanation of what you can find in each filter under Not Active:
  • Approved will display titles you have been approved to view or titles that you have been invited to view via a widget, and titles that you have downloaded.
  • Pending Requests. Titles you have requested, and are waiting on the publisher to approve.
  • Declined Requests. Titles you have requested, where the publisher has declined your request. Want to improve your chances for approval? Update your profile, or see what publishers want
  • Archived, Not Downloaded will display any titles you've been approved for, but haven't downloaded, and have been archived by the publisher. (Click here for more information about archived titles)

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