How do I read NetGalley titles on my computer?

Download NetGalley titles to your Computer:

  1. If you do not already have an active Adobe ID, please register for one here (it is free)

  2. Download Adobe Digital Editions free here (DRM-protected files must be opened and authorized through Adobe Digital Editions first.)

  3. Authorize your Adobe Digital Editions by clicking Help on the toolbar (the top left of your screen), and clicking Authorize Computer. Then enter your Adobe ID.
    Please note: When asked for your Adobe ID please ignore the drop-down list of companies, just use your Adobe ID to authorize.

  4. Once Adobe Digital Editions has been downloaded and authorized, go to your approved title in your NetGalley account and click the Download button. The file should now automatically open in Adobe Digital Editions. If it does not, you may need to associate Adobe Digital Editions with .ascm and .epub files. Full instructions can be found here.

    -Need help with your Adobe ID? Click here.
    -Having problems? Here are some suggestions.
    -Has your title been archived or expired? More information here.

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