What do I put in the Notes section in Give Feedback?

The Notes section under Give Feedback can be utilized in a number of ways.

First, if you are a librarian, educator, bookseller, or someone else whose primary reason for reading galleys isn't to write reviews, this section is useful for feedback such as:

  • After reading this title I purchased it for my library/classroom/bookstore.
  • We will be hosting the author for a signing on ___.
  • We also included the title in a special display in the library/bookstore.

If you are a reviewer you can use this section in addition to submitting a review. Helpful notes include:

  • I'll be posting my review for this title in August, on my blog/retailer site/etc.
  • I would love to interview the author for my blog/website.
  • I'm not writing a review for this title because ____.
Here are some suggestions for leaving feedback for:
Librarians l Reviewers/Bloggers l Educators l Booksellers l Media

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