I'm a journalist/in the media. What do you recommend for my Profile?

If you are working as a journalist, or in the media (online, print, radio, TV, etc), here are a few tips for your Profile:

Basic Information:

  • Please include your company name.
  • In your Bio, include your position and responsibilities at your company.
  • If you are a freelance journalist, please indicate in your Bio your past freelance assignments. 
  • If you post reviews on your website or blog, or social media, provide links to each and indicate which is the primary site your reviews, interviews, or features appear. 
Reading Preferences:
  • Add the Categories that interest you the most - you'll receive special recommendations on your dashboard and via email based on your interests.
Additional Information:
  • If possible, use your company/professional email address.
  • Indicate if you are a member of any Professional Associations. (Don't see yours listed? Let us know!)

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