I'm a bookseller. What do you recommend for my Profile?

We highly recommend that you include the following information in your Profile:

Basic Information:
  • Your type of bookstore (Bookstore chain, Distributor, Independent bookstore, Online retail, or Retail).
  • The name and location of your store.
  • Your store's website URL in the "Where do you talk about books?" section.
  • If you also post reviews on your website, blog or in social media, make sure to provide those links in your Profile, too.
  • If you post reviews on your website or blog, indicate which is the primary place you recommend books in your Bio. Then, add any other links where your reviews appear or are promoted (such as websites, other blogs, etc.)
  • Be sure to connect your social accounts, too!
Reading Preferences:
  • Add the Categories that interest you the most - you'll receive special recommendations on your dashboard and via email based on your interests.
Additional Information:
  • Please indicate if you are a member of any professional associations; for example, if your store is a member of the American Booksellers Association (US), The Booksellers Association (UK & Ireland), or the Australian Booksellers Association. (Don't see yours listed? Let us know!)
  • As of August 14th, 2017, all reviews are visible to members. Edit your Display Preferences in Additional Information.  
  • By default, public reviews on the NetGalley site will be displayed with your profile photo, first name, last initial, and member type. If you prefer, you can replace your name with an auto-generated alias displayed next to your reviews instead.
Adding ABA, BA or CBA membership numbers to an account    
If you are a member of the American Booksellers Association (US), Booksellers Association (UK & Ireland*), or the Association for Christian Retail, CBA (Global), you can add your member number to your NetGalley Profile. The ABA/BA/CBA logo will appear next to your name for publishers to see when you request their titles. To add your number:
  • Sign in to NetGalley and click the arrow beside your avatar (or the silhouette) in the menu at the top of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, select "Profile"
  • Go to the Basic Information tab, and click Edit
  • In the "Enter ABA/BA/CBA Number" field, enter your number and then click "Done"
Your number will be verified instantly and publishers will see the icon next to your name when you make requests for their titles.

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