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No matter your member type, here are a few tips for improving your Profile.
Remember, your Profile is the most important tool you have for telling publishers how you recommend new books.

  • Publisher Approval Preferences - Look at each publisher's specific preferences (from the Browse Publishers page) for guidance on what publishers want to know about you. In general, the more information you can provide about your book experience, reach, and audience, the better.
  • Professional Associations - Don’t forget to indicate if you are a member of any relevant associations. We have partnerships with the American Library Association, the American Booksellers Association, the Booksellers Association (BA - UK & Ireland only), and the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA - AU only)—if you enter a valid ALA/ALIA member ID or ABA/BA store number, a special ALA, ALIA, ABA, or BA icon will be added to your Profile.
  • Company - Include the name of your blog, website, library, school, bookstore, or media outlet in the Company field.
  • Country - With so many publishers worldwide now participating in NetGalley, it’s become important for publishers to know what country you reside in, so they can make sure they have territory rights to share galleys with you. In your Profile, go to the Additional Information tab to update your country.
  • Birthday - We want to join in the celebrations when it's your birthday! In your Profile, go to the Additional Information tab to update it.
  • Social Accounts - Be sure to connect your social accounts for easy sharing of your reviews!

  • Share Feedback through NetGalley about titles you've read. Publishers and authors rely on your Feedback (reviews, notes, and recommendations) as they are marketing and selling their books.

  • Note: NetGalley will NEVER reveal your address, phone or email without your permission.
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