I am an educator - what feedback do you recommend I send to the publisher?

Publishers and authors share digital galleys with educators because they know that educators frequently adopt titles for use in the classroom or in their curriculum planning, and because educators recommend titles to their peers.
Many educators use NetGalley to make purchasing decisions to adopt titles for a course or curriculum. Here are some ways that educators can provide meaningful Feedback:

Share your opinion of the book with the publisher:

  • Would you recommend this book? Give it a quick rating from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Will you adopt this title for a course, curriculum, or classroom?
  • Will you recommend that your students read or purchase this title?
  • Thoughts for the publisher - Use this section to submit a private note to the publisher. This can include any actions that resulted from accessing the title, such as "I have ordered 25 copies of this for my classroom," "I am planning my holiday curriculum around this title," or any other special activities you may be planning around the title. Even if just to say that you enjoyed the book and will be recommending it to your students and colleagues.

Submit a Review of the book to the publisher:

  • Notify the publisher of your full review, especially if you share reviews for titles on your school website or blog.
  • Be sure to include all links if the review appears online (you can add multiple links by clicking the "Add links" icon).

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