I am a member of the media - what feedback do you recommend I send to the publisher?

All publishers and authors like to know when their author or title is going to be featured in a print publication, radio or TV show, or in an online publication.
Many journalists and those in media use NetGalley to preview titles for reviews, interviews or feature articles. Here are some ways that the media can provide meaningful Feedback:

Share your opinion of the book with the publisher:

  • Would you recommend this book? Give it a quick rating from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Have you been commissioned to cover this author, title or subject?
  • Will you recommend this book/author to your audience?
  • Are you interested in connecting with this author (interviews, events, etc.)?
  • Thoughts for the publisher - Use this section to submit a private note to the publisher. This can include if any additional actions resulted from accessing the title such as "I am scheduling an interview with the author," or any other special features you may be planning around the title or author. 
Submit a Review of the book to the publisher:
  • Notify the publisher of your full review by including the full text and be sure to include links if the review appears online or information about when/where the print review will be available.
  • Be sure to include all links if the review appears online (you can add multiple links by clicking the "Add links" icon).

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