What happens when I request a title out of my region?

When you are browsing for titles to request, you may notice a region preference. This means that the publisher or author has a preference for requests from members based only in the indicated regions.

Since many publishers sell rights to publish editions in other territories, a publisher may not have permission to approve your request if you are located in a non-preferred region. 

When you request a title outside of your region, the publisher will see that request flagged as "out-of-region." Out-of-region requests are much less likely to be approved.

If you are working as a rights agent, or international buyer, we highly recommend asking your trade contact to auto-approve you for all future requests. You can browse by titles you are auto-approved for, and this is the fastest way to have regular access to titles from key publishers.

In many cases NetGalley will have multiple editions available for request.

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