When I downloaded the title, I noticed an expiration date.

There are two kinds of expiration dates on NetGalley:

  1. Expiration Date applies to any protected galley you download: the file expires a set number of days (usually 55 days, though publishers may choose other lengths of time). You can find the expiration date once you open Adobe Digital Editions, view the titles in your Library, right-click on the title and select Item Info. However, you can download another 55-day copy of the file from your NetGalley account if you need more time to finish reading, until the publisher archives the title. Just sign back into your NetGalley account, click on your Shelf, find the title, and then press the Download button again.

    To keep track of how many days are left until your file expires on your device:
Adobe Digital Editions - In your Library or any Bookshelf you will see a banner across each cover that lists how many days are left before the title expires. 

Bluefire Reader app - You must open the title and then click the Info tab. You will then see the permissions towards the bottom that lists the date the file will expire.

Aldiko Reader app - On your Bookshelf, within the information box for the title, click the 3 dots to the right, then Details. You will then see the date the file was downloaded/created and the permissions that lists the date the file will expire. 

2. Archive Date - Some publishers also list an Archive date in the book description. This is the date the publisher plans to remove the galley from NetGalley’s catalog. After this date, you will not be able to download another copy of the file, or access the galley through NetGalley at all. Any copy downloaded to your computer, iPad, or Adobe-compatible reader will be available until you reach the Adobe Digital Editions expiration date, as described above.

*If you have used the Kindle option to send a copy of the file to your Kindle, that file will not expire, and will continue to be available to you.

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