How do I load a NetGalley title onto my Kindle device or app?

1. Go to your account to find your Kindle email address.

Your Kindle email address is different than your regular email address. When you buy a Kindle device or download a Kindle app, Amazon assigns a Kindle email to you, as shown in your Amazon account.
  • In your Amazon account, go to MANAGE YOUR CONTENT AND DEVICES.

  • Click ‘Settings’, which is the third tab to the right.

  • Scroll down to “Personal Document Settings.” You’ll see an email address under your ‘Send-To-Kindle E-Mail Settings’ (it will be something like You’ll need this for your NetGalley Profile.

2. While in your Amazon account, make sure is an approved email to send to your Kindle.

In that same Personal Documents Settings section scroll down a bit to find the “Approved Personal Document Email List." Click "Add a new approved e-mail address," enter and click Add Address. Please make sure you add and NOT - note that there is no R.

3. Make sure that your Kindle email address is saved in your NetGalley account.

  • Sign into, and click on Profile in the drop-down menu in the main menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • In the Reading Preferences section, click Edit.
  • Under Get Ready to Read, enter your address in the Kindle Email field. Click Save.

4. Find the title you want to read on your Kindle.

In your NetGalley account, go to your Shelf section to see a list of all titles you’ve been approved to access. Click on a title to view the available reading options for that title in the center of the page. If you see the Send to Kindle button, just press it once and the book should appear in the Documents section of your device, app and Kindle library.

5. Check your Kindle App or Device

It can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour for your file to arrive. Do make sure your device or app is connected to WiFi.

Please note: all NetGalley files come through as DOCS and not as BOOKS.
  • If there is no Send to Kindle button available for the title click here.
  • NetGalley titles are not compatible with Kindle for PC/Mac since it does not support Personal Documents.

Have another device?

Check out our Device Guide for a list of supported devices and instructions for downloading your approved titles.

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