How can librarians (AU only) nominate titles for Librarians' Choice?

Librarians can now nominate titles for Librarians' Choice via NetGalley! NetGalley will collect nominations monthly, and submit them to Librarians' Choice for consideration.

To access this feature you need to be registered as a Librarian (in AU) and be approved or invited to view a title being published in Australia on NetGalley.

To nominate a title, go to the Feedback section for any title being published in Australia (either on your Shelf or on the Title Details page) and click Yes (as seen below) to nominate the title for the Librarians' Choice list.

*Reviews are appreciated, but not required in order to nominate a title for Librarians' Choice.
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about Librarians' Choice and their full list of tips and deadlines for nominating books.

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