The galley I downloaded isn’t in Adobe Digital Editions - how do I transfer it to my Nook?

DRM-free files are downloaded directly to your hard drive, and are not controlled by Adobe Digital Editions so they will not appear in your ADE library. Instead, you can click and drag the file directly onto your device.

You will need to transfer the galley file, which is in your default downloads folder, onto the device. If you don’t know the full location of that folder, you can get to it through the browser:

  • In Firefox, click Tools, then click Downloads. Right-click on the file you want, and select Open Containing Folder. Then move the file from there.
  • In Chrome, click the Tools icon to the right of the address bar, then click Downloads. In the tab that opens, click Show in Folder to open the folder, and then move the file from there.
  • In Internet Explorer, click Tools, then click View Downloads.

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