How can I read NetGalley files on my Android device?

You can use the Aldiko Book Reader app to read NetGalley files on your Android device:

1. Download the Free Aldiko Book Reader app on your device.

2. Open the Aldiko Book Reader app and either:
a) Sign in with your Facebook, Google, or email. Then go to About, and click "DRM Accounts" and double-check that your account has a check mark next to it. Your app is now authorized.
b) You can skip the process of signing in, by tapping "Skip." Then go to About and tap "DRM Accounts." Then select Add DRM Account, and add your Adobe ID (email and password). If you need an Adobe ID, click here.

3. Once the Aldiko app is downloaded and authorized, use the Internet browser on your Android device to visit your NetGalley account. Find the title you wish to read on your SHELF and then press the Download button.

4. A new window will appear asking which app you'd like to open the file with - select Aldiko Book Reader app and the file should download to your app's bookshelf where you can then click on it to read.

Click here to learn more about the Aldiko Book Reader and the different features available!

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