Do I have to write a review or send feedback to the publisher?

NetGalley members are under no obligation to finish reading a title or write a review. If you do choose to recommend a book, please send Feedback through NetGalley.

You can send Feedback by clicking the "Give Feedback" button from the title record or from your Shelf.

When you send feedback, it is shared with the publisher as a courtesy — but the content and publishing rights for that review belong to you. NetGalley does not automatically post or publish your review. We do offer publishers the opportunity to add positive reviews to NetGalley title details pages. These reviews will appear in a dedicated "What NetGalley members say" section with appropriate credit.

We highly recommend that you also include a link or other information with the review that indicates where the review will be published (for example, in a review publication like Publishers Weekly, or online on your blog, or in your bookstore as a shelf-talker, etc.).

Publishers are able to see the number of times you've shared Feedback through the site, and are more likely to approve requests for members who provide Feedback for most of their approved titles. 

Here are some suggestions for leaving feedback for:
Librarians l Reviewers/Bloggers l Educators l Booksellers l Media

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