How do I submit a review through NetGalley?

You can submit a review by clicking the "Give Feedback" button from the title record or on your Shelf. Then in the "Review this book" section, enter your review and the links where your review will appear online. 

Then press Send Review and your Review and links will be submitted to the publisher. When you submit a review, you can then share it with your social networks.

You can also provide your Opinions by leaving a star rating, answering the member-type specific questions, and a note for the publisher.
*When submitting Opinions please make sure to click the Send Opinions button to send that section to the publisher. If you fill out Opinions and a Review, you must send each section separately.

Here are some suggestions for leaving feedback for:
Librarians l Reviewers/Bloggers l Educators l Booksellers l Media

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