Can I write a critical review?

You are under no obligation to finish reading a title or write a review, but we highly encourage you to share your feedback with the publisher. If you start reading a title and find it's not for you, feel free to send a brief note to the publisher (in the Give Feedback section) to let them know.

Publishers understand that some books will get critical reviews, and they’re used to getting a wide variety of feedback through NetGalley. 

Overall, it is better to communicate with the publisher in some degree than to not submit feedback for a title, so please do use the Give Feedback button in NetGalley for both full reviews and short notes to the publisher.

*Your review or feedback is shared with the publisher as a courtesy. NetGalley does not endorse or commission your review — instead, we are providing an “electronic tear-sheet.” Most publishers will appreciate if you also include a link or other information with the review that says where the review will be published.

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