Are the titles added through the IBPA program sectioned off or otherwise distinguished from other titles on NetGalley?

NetGalley members who visit will be able to find IBPA member titles through a link to “IBPA member titles” on the Browse Publishers page. IBPA will also be able to use that link in any marketing promotions, and on the IBPA website. IBPA member titles can also be found in the general NetGalley catalog when browsing by genre or category interest. 

All titles listed on NetGalley via IBPA are set to READ NOW (meaning all NetGalley members have automatic approval to read the title). Visitors to the NetGalley site can browse by READ NOW titles from the main Find Titles navigation. Since these titles can be immediately accessed (without waiting for a manual approval from the publisher or author), the section is one of our most popular.

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