Can you explain the IBPA program, and how publishers and authors of different sizes can participate in NetGalley?

IBPA is the Independent Book Publishers Association, based in the US, and NetGalley is pleased to partner with them. IBPA has a branded, discounted NetGalley program that makes it easy for small and indie publishers and authors to list titles on NetGalley.

Remember, you can also list a single title directly with NetGalley.

IBPA offers several ways to participate, depending on your budget.

1. $649 IBPA Marketing-plus-Title listing (best value!). IBPA publishers and authors can book a special discounted bundle that includes a 6-month title listing via IBPA plus one spot in a scheduled IBPA-branded marketing email to NetGalley members.

  • Titles will be active on the NetGalley site for up to 6 months, available in the NetGalley catalog for professional readers to READ NOW (all members have automatic approval).
  • IBPA will handle your title set-up, approve requests, provide you with a widget to invite your contacts to view your title, and provide reporting.
  • You will not receive your own log in and password.
  • Titles will be featured in one dedicated IBPA-branded mailing, targeted to NetGalley members by genre interest. These are branded as “IBPA RoundUp” emails, identified as paid advertisements in the footer of the email, and feature titles from IBPA members only. You will receive click-through and open rate reporting. NetGalley’s open rate for these emails averages 25-30%, which is above the industry standard. Click to see an example IBPA Roundup.
  • You will receive a link to reserve your spot in a marketing newsletter once your title listing is booked.
  • Support inquiries and questions will be handled by IBPA staff.

This bundle must be purchased as the time of the title listing, and newsletter spots are subject to availability. This is a great way to benefit from direct messaging to members interested in a specific genre, or a specific member type, while still taking advantage of all of the benefits of a standard title listing (listed below).

2. $399 Six-month title listing via IBPA.

  • The standard six-month listing includes all of the above benefits, but does not include any dedicated marketing to NetGalley members. This is a great option if you have a limited budget, or if you have a strong list of marketing & publicity contacts that you plan to invite to view your title via our email invite widget. 
  • Remember, your title will still benefit from organic exposure to a focused and enthusiastic community of book recommenders, and the NetGalley site is heavily and regularly trafficked.
  • Participation in the IBPA email marketing will be in addition to your listing fee, discounts are not available, and spots are subject to availability. If you're considering marketing, take advantage of the new bundle above!
3. $199 Three-month title listing via IBPA. Same as #2, for a shorter period.

4. $449 Three-month title listing, plus IBPA "Round-Up" email. 
Same as #1 above, for a shorter period.

Working with the IBPA is the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way for small publishers and indie authors to list their title quickly on NetGalley. To list your title on NetGalley through the IBPA program, please visit the IBPA website to sign up

For publishers with 10 or more titles per year, the NetGalley subscription option allows you to add and archive titles throughout the one-year subscription period. This option is the most cost-effective if you publish on a regular/seasonal schedule. There is a discount of 10% for the first year of your NetGalley subscription for IBPA members. Please fill out this form for more information or to get started.

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